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The Chesapeake Bay

We ended up spending almost 3 weeks tied up to a mooring ball in Annapolis Harbor in October 2017. This was not the original plan, but circumstances such as the annual Annapolis Sailboat Show and an engine that wouldn't start, kept us put for a bit. When we tied up to the mooring ball, it was hot and sunny, but by the time we untied, it was cold and rainy. But more circumstances being, it would be another 2 weeks before we sailed out of the Chesapeake Bay.


We spent 10 days tied up to a dock in Baltimore's Inner Harbor which unexpectedly turned out to be a fun experience. There are so many wonderful museums right in the harbor including the AMAZING aquarium. All-in-all we enjoyed our time in the Chesapeake, but when the temps started to dip close to freezing, the crew of Summer Kai needed to find warmer weather!

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